Times are tough, but in some ways healing. This is a space for you to share and interact. Please send something, anything that you’ve created, that comes from you. Don’t be shy, be brave. This is about expressing the authentic inside you. Please share your Inner Sadie, whatever it is, by taking a picture of it, or recording an mp3, and sending it to ElizabethMcGovManagement@outlook.com.

A nursing team in the Covid unit of St. Georges Hospital, London by Hannah Hardman. Drawn with charcoal.
Glücksburg Castle, Germany by Dorothy Hasseldine, 65, Office Manager. Painted with watercolours.

Staring at a batch of pills

And a glass of water

Not budging an inch

But I know I oughta

Oh, I’m doing the time


Loving voice calls to ask

If I need anything else

Cause at the moment

I can’t take care of myself

While the clock gently chimes


But I know I’m not alone

I feel it in my bones

We’re shoulder to shoulder

In it together, holdin’ on

We’ve got this


And you know it’ll be bliss

When we’re again moving free

Gotta stay closer to home

We can still create dreams

These turbulent days will pass


I’m a patient who is patient

I’m encouraging you on

In moments you feel down

Just remember my song:

Don’t give up, this won’t last


For you know you’re not alone

Can feel it in my bones

We’re shoulder to shoulder

Through healing growing bolder

We’ve got this

We’ve got this


Lets write a new script

Don’t need doc to sign it

Start a new adventure

Without a physio lecture


And we’ll never be alone

We feel humanity in our bones

Walking shoulder to shoulder

Lo and behold us

We’ve got this

Yes, we’ve got this


“We’ve Got This” by

Shelley Hasseldine, 30,

Administrator. For

everyone out there who is

struggling in some way.