Times are tough, but in some ways healing. This is a space for you to share and interact. Please send something, anything that you’ve created, that comes from you. Don’t be shy, be brave. This is about expressing the authentic inside you. Please share your Inner Sadie, whatever it is, by taking a picture of it, or recording an mp3, and sending it to ElizabethMcGovManagement@outlook.com.

Working title and script "Dreams of a Mother", an original play being written by Christina De Bruyckere-Monti.
The Race by Eli Knutsen. Painted using acrylic on canvas.
Summer Memories by Eli Knutsen. Painted using acrylic on canvas.
London Calling by Flora Rimar. Painted using acrylic spray paint and water. Title inspired by 'The Clash' song of the same name.
Wings of Desire by Flora Rimar. Inspired by the Wim Wenders' film of the same name & painted in 2019.
Christmas Holiday Blessing by Rusty Edwards, Songwriter and Honourary Hothead
Marie #1 by Maroula Lambis. Embroidered photograph on archival print
Poem by Rusty Edwards
A Lady on Fire by Zahira
Painted using oil sticks.

I’m sitting here at the laptop with an explosion of tubes and pots of paint, brushes around me and two technicoloured hands covered in paint, and I said out loud: “it is now or never!”

It is this state of colourful chaos that finally encouraged me to submit my work for Inner Sadie. It has been a period defined by a pandemic that brought us as societies and as individuals many challenges, acceptance and healing. In more than one way this time has also been extremely trying for me personally.

That journey hasn’t always been easy but nevertheless an interesting and very insightful one. After trying out my hand at several things I took on photography to document my daily walks. Yet deep within I knew that what I wanted most was to be able to somehow capture all I saw in form and paint. Which turned out to be my biggest challenge. This is where perfectionism and insecurity acted up. And, instead of bringing joy, it was rather frustrating and inhibiting and I was about to give it all up, because maybe I wasn’t talented enough.

I was at that exact point when I stumbled upon your Inner Sadie page. And that is when everything came together. When I read that one encouraging line; “don’t be shy, be brave”, it stuck with me like a mantra. And it helped me so much! I remember being terribly stuck with where I wanted a painting to go; afraid of just adding that paint permanently to the canvas. Afraid it would not come out as I envisioned it. I started telling myself out loud: “come on, be brave, let her out” – and it worked! It gave me courage which felt so liberating, so good. 

I admit that in the beginning I laughed it off as a silly coincidence a few times, thinking it way too simple that one sentence like that could be such a major turning point in freeing myself from all those inner obstacles and limitations.  Not only have I embraced it, I put it to practice every single time I find myself trapped by my self-sabotaging insecurity. Which is happening “as we speak” so to say, because I refuse to give up on a painting that has gone through many moments of wanting to give up. But I keep going and it keeps growing.

The three abstract paintings I am sharing (“Autumn Fest”, “Winter Waterfront” and “Vibrant Spring”) are the sum of hundreds of photos I took over the past three seasons. They are an impression of many things I saw: bits of colour, forms and a general feel I took with me from those periods. The paintings didn’t start out that way. There are about four layers under what you see on the surface. Every layer an idea that didn’t turn out as I wanted, but by being transformed into something completely different, hasn’t gone completely lost. Which makes it very symbolic for the experience as a whole, in which “Sadie” plays such a very important part.


Autumn Fest
Winter Waterfront
Vibrant Spring
Painted using Pinot Noir wine, a red variety that Wither Hills Winery produces.
A nursing team in the Covid unit of St. Georges Hospital, London by Hannah Hardman. Drawn with charcoal.
Glücksburg Castle, Germany by Dorothy Hasseldine, 65, Office Manager. Painted with watercolours.

Staring at a batch of pills

And a glass of water

Not budging an inch

But I know I oughta

Oh, I’m doing the time


Loving voice calls to ask

If I need anything else

Cause at the moment

I can’t take care of myself

While the clock gently chimes


But I know I’m not alone

I feel it in my bones

We’re shoulder to shoulder

In it together, holdin’ on

We’ve got this


And you know it’ll be bliss

When we’re again moving free

Gotta stay closer to home

We can still create dreams

These turbulent days will pass


I’m a patient who is patient

I’m encouraging you on

In moments you feel down

Just remember my song:

Don’t give up, this won’t last


For you know you’re not alone

Can feel it in my bones

We’re shoulder to shoulder

Through healing growing bolder

We’ve got this

We’ve got this


Lets write a new script

Don’t need doc to sign it

Start a new adventure

Without a physio lecture


And we’ll never be alone

We feel humanity in our bones

Walking shoulder to shoulder

Lo and behold us

We’ve got this

Yes, we’ve got this


“We’ve Got This” by

Shelley Hasseldine, 30,

Administrator. For

everyone out there who is

struggling in some way.