Heavy rain. Breakfast. Waffles and maple syrup, eggs over easy, rye toast and fried potatoes, coffee, tea. Simon, Danica and I warming up after the cold, wet walk from the hotel.


Barry and Blakey are off to the venue for load in. We're back in the hotel waiting for the call to say they're ready for us. It will be a long full band rehearsal today before our first ever gig this side of the pond.

Rehearsal from 11.00 till 2.30 then a break for lunch in the restaurant. Copperhead ale and shepherds pie for me. A short stroll back to the hotel for a chill out then we'll be heading back to the venue for an 8pm start.....

And so one thing led to another. The lights went down and we made our way on stage to cheers and applause. Terl counted us in and we vamped the opening chords as the girls appeared and the room went wild.

We played all the recent favourites, a few we hadn't performed before, including 'Fly Away', 'The Escape' and 'Feel It' plus a couple of oldies: 'Jealous Heart' and 'Small Tasks'.

Sixteen songs, an hour and a quarter, 'Use It Up' as an encore and we left them wanting more. A great opening night in a fabulous venue in a beautiful town.

Post gig wine and food and a stroll back to the hotel for an early night.

Barry Mead is keeping us on our toes. Everything is planned in intricate detail. Tomorrow's travel plans are in place as it's going to be very tight. We're leaving here at 8am, driving to Baltimore, catching the train to New York, changing for Albany in upstate NY, where we are due to arrive just in time for sound check. And snow is forecast! 

Hope we make it.



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