And so to the final show. And the big one. This is being filmed by CPBN/PBS. They will be shooting the live performance for broadcast to the nation in 2015.

After a lazy morning around the hotel we gather in the lobby to make the short walk to the venue.


And what a beautiful place it is, with pristine acoustics and a world-class sound system, the hall has two levels: the Orchestra Level seats 400 in traditional theatre style while the Mezzanine Level seats another 100.

The film crew hover as we sound check, photographs are snapped, Blakey and the crew push buttons and slide faders.

After sound check we retire to the luxurious Green Room where a variety of hot food has been laid on. It's wonderful to be treated so well and we're all excited about tonight's show.

Rumour has it that Duke Robillard is going to turn up and jam with us on 'Blues in D (in E)...

And he does!

We take to the stage to thunderous applause and vamp on 'One Thing...' as the girls sashay on. The audience are fantastic, the band tight and, as usual, Blakey is doing a marvellous job at the desk. It's been a real joy working with him.

The set flies by. We finish with 'Feel It' and leave the stage to a standing ovation.

Back on for the encore we ease into 'Use It Up' which smoulders and builds to its thrilling climax.

Sadie then announces our special guest and the crowd go wild. The Duke saunters on and plugs in as we pick the opening chords to 'Blues In D' (now in E). It's a fourteen bar blues featuring solos from everyone in the band, each received rapturously. Sadie, Dani and I sing a verse each, Simon, Barry, Duke, Ron and Terl do their thing and we slide into the final verse and out in double time, leaving the audience yelling for more.

Then it's back to the Green Room for drinks, banter, story telling and laughter, before we adjourn to the bar for a nightcap or two.

It's been a wonderful tour. Thank you to everyone involved. Sad to say goodbye to Barry Walsh... till the next time.

Safe journeys.



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