And so to the final show. And the big one. This is being filmed by CPBN/PBS. They will be shooting the live performance for broadcast to the nation in 2015.

After a lazy morning around the hotel we gather in the lobby to make the short walk to the venue.

A relaxed morning around the hotel while Barry Mead drove a few of the crew to an outlet store in search of cheap designer gear.

Thursday was a day off. We picked up our rental cars after breakfast and drove back to Hartford via the Massachussets Turnpike.

After an early breakfast at Chick And Ruth's Delly in downtown Annapolis and a drive to Baltimore, we're on the train heading back up the east coast to New York

Heavy rain. Breakfast. Waffles and maple syrup, eggs over easy, rye toast and fried potatoes, coffee, tea. Simon, Danica and I warming up after the cold, wet walk from the hotel.

After a short hop from Hartford and a change of trains in New Haven we rolled down the eastern seaboard on the Amtrak Express via Bridgeport, Stamford and

Sadie, Simon, Danica, Barry and I are spending the first couple of nights at the Avon Old Farms Hotel overlooking Talcott Mountain woods in the historic Farmington

First of all I'd like to thank the wonderful crew on Virgin Atlantic for allowing my bouzouki and banjo on board and storing them safely in a closet! And a huge thank you from

There has been a lot of activity in recent weeks. As well as shooting a video for our first Christmas single, The Little Drummer Boy, and rehearsing for our forthcoming mini tour

Sadie and the Hotheads rehearsing

It's been a long time. But the wheels are once again in motion. Sadie is back from Downton business and we're rehearsing and reworking songs for our first ever US tour


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