The day finally arrives; day one of the first Sadie and the Hotheads UK tour. The splitter wasn't ready, so we're finally heading off at noon. Steve, Matt, Terl, Nick, Philly and Simon. 

Crossing the Thames at Kew - low, grey purple cumulus clouds clutter a blue sky.

We pick up Elizabeth from Downton Abbey rehearsals at Ealing Studios. Ealing Studios were set up at White Lodge on Ealing Green in 1902 by Will Barker and is the longest running film studios, famous for Passport to Pimlico and The Ladykillers. 

Sheryl Crowe plays at Fleet services.

Conversation meanders; gun laws; acting techniques; 70s TV drama. Terl sings Blue Monk and asked "was I out of tune?" Nick said " it was more the timing I was worried about!" - a slight concern, Terl being the drummer.

Philly: "I have a pink dress"

Elizabeth: "good"

Steve: "I've got tails for Nick, he looks like Beethoven".

Terl: "do you cook?"

Elizabeth: "I do".

Terl: "Jules used to make banana pizza".

Someone asked Terl "Is your son musical?" "Yeah, he's a drummer"... Raucous laughter.

The gig? It was fabulous. The lovely Tivoli Theatre. Responsive crowd. Sadie went out to sign CDs after the event. Then back to the hotel . Red wine and conversation. This is Sadie and the Hotheads.


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