...from a moment resting on the way

Being on tour with Sadie and the Hotheads is certainly an event. The experience of sharing Mike and the Mechanics' stage and audiences an apparent success and one we're all enjoying. The hotheads are not really hotheads in the sense the word implies, but mild heat can occur as keeping us organised is at times a kin to herding cats. Only Elizabeth obeys the rules, stays on time and behaves as a lady really should, she is an example of pure elegance (most of the time... shh), we watch films on the bus and love listening to amazing stories from her dazzling career. The Nelsons are like two naughty school boys on an away trip, we laugh as they repeat the same jokes every day and amuse themselves with tales from the past and singing lines from classic Dylan songs. Ron and Danica are perpetually positive and entertain us by solving the problems we create on route and Nick and I enjoy coming up with new ways of causing them and witter away in silly accents. It's a wonder!

The stage is where we are most happy. The short punchy set is over all too soon, but the real reason for all the shenanigans of the journey. Everyone bustles up in readiness on gig days, except Nick who is reluctant to wear his pink stage trousers (who can blame him). We dress up, warm up, share a glass of 'red' and stroll out in shades of pink and purple to enjoy making some music once more. From behind Gary Wallis' splendid drums (I get to play each night) my view is of six friends giving their all, hoping the audience will enjoy the offering and have a good time. It's a moment in time that passes quickly and although the songs are simple I remember there is a deeper heartbeat beating amidst it all. Back in the dressing room we default to the banter and return to the short term routines of the road trip. I'm already thinking about tomorrow's hotel breakfast... double egg, bacon, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and possibly even seconds!



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