Before the Romans invaded Iron Age Britain in AD 43, Norfolk had been the territory of the Iceni people. The most famous leader of this tribe, Boudica, led an unsuccessful revolt against the Roman occupation in around AD 60. Following her defeat, the Romans inhabited the area for more than 300 years.

After breakfast, and days of rain, we head out to the town centre in the sunshine, strolling around the streets with the Sunday crowds, stopping off for a pint in a pub, then heading back to the Theatre for soundcheck.

The Theatre Royal in Norwich has had an extremely chequered past. The original, New Theatre in Chapel Field' opened in January 1758. It was only the second purpose-built theatre in England. In the early 1820s, a new Theatre Royal was built and flourished until 1934 when it burnt down. An Art Deco styled theatre followed, opening in September 1935. During World War Two, a couple of incendiary bombs dropped onto the theatre roof but were quickly extinguished. The theatre closed again in March 2007 for a ten million pound refurbishment and is now among the top five theatres in the country.

Sadie arrives an hour late after a disrupted train journey, theres a photo session and Mexican dinner from Pedros- thank you Jayne and crew for accommodating our changing orders! Then were on, to another packed and appreciative house. After the show we tumble into the splitter for the long drive home. Poor Ron has to drive us all back to London, drop us off at various points, then drop the splitter off in Wembley and head back out east to Colchester. Thanks Ron!

Day off on Monday then were back in Norfolk for our gig in Kings Lynn.


Norwich Theatre Royal Gallery

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