Lillie Yard Studios with Kipper, Elizabeth McGovern and Sadie and the Hotheads

Lillie Yard, next to the Lillie Langtry pub, opposite the Prince of Wales in Lillie Road, Fulham.

Lillie was a famous actress, admired by women, desired by men, painted by Whistler, praised by Twain, close friends with Oscar Wilde and Prime Minister William Gladstone and, most famously, the lover of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales who later became King Edward VII.

Witty and confident, she had the most beautiful skin and her sex appeal was electric. She was scooped up by the Pears Company as one of the first celebrities to endorse a product. Her picture was put on postcards and could be seen in army barracks, student dormitories and on naval office walls. ‘Jersey Lily’ was the first real pinup.

Today another beautiful actress is in town. After weeks of intense work and fun at Kipper’s barn, Sadie and her hotheads are gathered in the Lillie Yard Studios, home of Cameron Craig, to listen to final mixes of the new album ‘Still Waiting’.

Cameron learned his trade in Australia, before relocating to the UK where he has built a repertoire of record producer credits alongside the likes of U.N.K.L.E, Joe Strummer and Suzanne Vega - for which he won the 'Best Engineered' Grammy.

Sitting on the sofa are Sadie and the Nelsons. Gathered round the desk, Craig, Brad and Kipper. The first track rolls out of the speakers and Sadie says “It doesn’t get any better than this”. But it does! Track after track brought to life under Cameron’s touch. A little tweaking here and there and everyone’s smiling…

Ian and James arrive and we head out to the Prince of Wales to meet publisher Stuart Ongley to talk… publishing! After a sandwich and a pint or two (fish and chips for Simon) we head back to the studio for another listen… video director Rupert Styles arrives, video and album artwork are discussed… and all the while Cameron, who doesn’t say a word, performs his magic.

Can’t wait for y’all to hear it!



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