Ah Sweden! The land of the flat pack wardrobe, Ulrikakakaka, 4 months of darkness and amazing chocolate (the latter may actually be Switzerland but as we're now such seasoned travellers and Montreux was our last SHH adventure, it does rather get confusing!)

My last visit to Sweden many years hence involved sliding across frozen lakes and tramping through snowy landscapes with something like tennis rackets attached to one's lower limbs, so a Sadie and the Hotheads tour during the out-takes of Summer promised to be quite a different experience.

While Britain plummeted into a foretaste of Autumn, we basked in the relatively balmy Swedish sunshine! Wandering from plane to hotel, to train, to venue, back to hotel, to another train and another venue (oh, yes, we are on tour!) in flip flops makes it much easier to don a shockingly high pair of heels for each performance. And what performances we had! An amazingly appreciative full house in Stockholm followed by my favourite audience to date in the fantastically unique Viktoria Picnikteatre (yes, everyone brought their own picnic complete with checked table cloths!), topped off by the more intimate but nonetheless appreciative Nefertiti jazz club in Gothenburg.

But these weren't the only performances of merit. There was the ever increasing size of Matt's breakfast threatening to topple from the plate as he nonchalantly wandered back to the table (all to be expertly made into sandwiches for the daily train journey); Nick and Terl's heated debate about politics over a £10(!) whiskey; the hilarious rounds of the movie game ("let's play the movie game let's play hang man let's see who can light a match with just one hand") abandoned in grand style following Ron's suggestion that Elizabeth starred in Coming to America alongside Eddie Murphy (oh how we laughed!)

For a fee I'll dish the dirt on what really goes down on a SHH tour but for now suffice it to say, you couldn't spend 4 days with a better bunch of people. Tack Sweden. We'll be back anytime you want us even in Winter!

Danica x


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