It may not be the Catskill Mountains but south of the M25, east of the M23, we found our own ‘Big Pink’. A cold, wet morning in April. Coming together to rehearse, record and hang out.  Gathering at the farmhouse home of Rob and Joy. Tea, coffee, dogs, great hospitality and bonhomie. Meandering over to the barn for a new way of working, starting with the framework of a new bunch of songs, including a cover of a wonderful Charles Aznavour number. After a warm-up we break for lunch, courtesy of Joy, who makes the best wraps this side of heaven. The afternoon progresses with much laughter and enthusiasm. ‘All My Sins’, ‘Look Now’ and ‘The Times We’ve Known’, Sadie and the band chipping in ideas, working the arrangements, tempo and feel. Three tracks down and recorded, then it’s a photoshoot with the wonderful Kirsty Grant. Costume and make-up (the girls), ribald laughter (usually generated by Terl), Nick looking at his watch (the sun is well over the yard-arm). Then it’s time to pack away. Wine, more laughter, drifting out into the dark, wet night and journeying home. Now, if only all days could be like this… 



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